My name is Hunter, I live in Oregon, I'm 21, I'm a passionate filmmaker/artist. I'm really friendly, I mainly post anything horror, video game, music, tv shows/anime related. I also blog about my life, and updates on my projects. I love horror (especially Silent Hill) space, art, music, video games, movies, tattoos, fashion, and filming. I'm always seeking something new, and I always try to stay productive. I like making people laugh, and making new friends. I'd like to talk to new people, so feel free to message me. x)

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"I got a letter... the name on the envelope said... Mary. My wife's name. 
It's ridiculous. Couldn't possibly be true; that's what I keep telling myself.
A dead person can't write a letter. Mary died of the damned disease three
years ago. So then... why am I looking for her? Our 'Special Place', what could
she mean? This whole town was our 'Special Place' does she mean the park on
the lake...? We spent the whole day there just the two of us staring in the water.
Could Mary really be there? Is she really alive? ...Waiting for me...?"

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Fatal Frame V 

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Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly.

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